Connecting schools and local businesses coast to coast, National Book Covers, a California based company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cover Graphics, North Amercia's premiere specialty advertising company since 1987. National Book Covers is a leading supplier of FREE personalized school book covers to local public and private schools. Our covers, designed to fit most any textbook, are personalized with the school name and logo and printed in the primary school color.

Committed to a "win-win" dynamic, National Book Covers and our parent company, Cover Graphics helps stretch the budget for local schools as well as taxpayers by extending the life expectancy of school textbooks with our protective book covers. Just as importantly, we connect local businesses and professionals to their immediate target community with low cost, highly impactful repeat advertising, essentially saturating a specific market with almost daily penetatration over an extended period of time.

Schools, much like nearly every other person, business and institution today are faced with spiraling costs and increasingly tighter budgets. Business owners are able to assist the school while at the same time placing their business name in front of millions of dollars of consumer income in the much coveted market of the school age kids and their families.

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